10 Amazing Things You Can Do with Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, making it a truly sustainable resource.

Some species of bamboo can grow to 36 inches (91 cm) in 24 hours. Besides growing very quickly, bamboo has special properties that make it perfect for constructing buildings.

Bamboo has a much higher specific compressive strength than wood, brick, or concrete, and a specific tensile strength that rivals steel.

It is easy to cut and transport, revolving and provides a sturdy framework for much of vernacular architecture.

Here is a list of 10 amazing things you can do with bamboo.



1. Motorbikes.


Banatti is a Filipino company responsible for the super cool Green Falcon electric motorcycle. The runner who turns his head has a piece of lacquered bamboo-like his body.

Underneath is a fully electric motor capable of moving around town at 110 km / h. The body of the bike is made of woven bamboo which is then lacquered.

The owner of the company claims the bamboo is light, strong, and reflects the durability of the motorcycle itself.



2. Beer.


Drinks made from different parts of bamboo have long been a staple in Southeast Asia. The Bambusa Craft Brewery was the first brewery to incorporate bamboo into its beer for sale in Latin America and Mexico.

Brewery owner Manuel Mauricio Mora Tello started the brewery after being fascinated by bamboo during a study trip to China.

Bamboo leaves are known to contain an incredible amount of active ingredients, that can contribute to human health, such as flavonoids and antioxidants.



3. Clothing.


Bamboo fibers can be stripped and processed to make fabric. Traditionally a relatively stiff material, the bamboo fabric was previously only used for structural purposes.

But new processes make it possible to produce very flexible materials, especially when mixed with hemp or spandex.

When it first appeared in the market, many bamboo fabrics claimed to have antibacterial properties. Further studies have shown that bamboo fabric does not have a remarkable ability in this area.



4. Tech Gadgets.

Tech Gadgets

We all have gadgets, but their cases are often made from environmentally harmful plastic from production to disposal. Now, some tech companies are replacing the plastic casing and coverings with bamboo ones.

It biodegrades relatively easily, especially compared to plastics.

Some great examples of bamboo used in tech gadgets instead of plastics include cell phone cases, keyboards, and speakers.



5. Roads and bridges.

Roads and bridges

Bamboo is a material that has been used for many years in the construction of paths, roads, and bridges. The plant can also be cut, woven, or tied together and laid to form durable boardwalks.

A bamboo bridge created from horizontal bamboo-composite beams was designed in China and is strong enough to accommodate 14-ton trucks.



6. Medicine.


The sap, leaves, and outer shell of bamboo are used in Chinese medicine for their many different properties.

Bamboo is also now available to the Western public in the form of pills and lotions, which are believed to help relieve cold symptoms.



7. Paper.


Do you know that toilet paper can be made from bamboo? A more sustainable choice than using wood pulp, bamboo toilet paper is exactly the same as traditional paper.



8. Fuel.


Bamboo may soon become an important source of fuel in places where cooking and, heating is still mainly done by wood stoves.

As our global population grows, finding sustainable sources of fuel is essential.



9. Bamboo Home.

Bamboo Home

There are houses around the world that are actually made almost entirely from bamboo.

At the very least, you could make your next bamboo treehouse. As we mentioned before, bamboo is a great building material – easy to cut, handle, repair, reposition, and maintain, without the need for fancy tools or equipment.

It is durable, non-polluting, and even offers superior resistance to earthquakes. Could it replace steel?



10. Surfboards.


Modern surfboards are typically made from fiberglass, a reinforced plastic composite made from fiberglass embedded in a resin matrix. Fiberglass is strong, but it is dangerous to process and repair.

Bamboo boards are also great for crafty surfers as they have more flex and spring.

Not only do they provide a great ride, but they are also beautiful and easy and safe to produce.