10 Futuristic Jobs That Will Be Common in the Next Decades

Jobs will be very different over the next few decades. Emerging technologies and, the issues that define a decade will create job titles you’ve never seen before.

According to a study presented by the World Economic Forum, over the next ten years, 1.2 billion employees worldwide will be affected by the adaptation of automation and, AI technologies.

This disruption could lead to a whole new range of jobs in various industries, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.



1. Space Tourism Guide.

Space Tourism Guide

Space tourism could well become a massive market. In the same way that you plan a trip to a foreign country, you will soon be able to purchase round-trip tickets to a hotel outside the world.

Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic all have plans to bring regular people into space. There’s even a space hotel in the pipeline.

According to MarketWatch, the value of space tourism is expected to reach around $ 21 billion by the end of 2026.

In this futuristic work, you would educate space tourists about gravity, the moon, the history of space, from Mars and planets beyond, while on a spacecraft, orbiting our planet, or in a space station.



2. 3D Printing Food Specialists.

3D Printing Food Specialists

It is true. We can 3D print food. Startups are popping up all over the world and, dedicated to creating delicious meals using specialized 3D printers that aren’t much more complicated than, the desktop FDM printer used in the home.

Creating 3D printed food is not easy.

You should find out ways that, to do it in a cost-effective way that works in tandem with the engineering of a 3D printing machine.

In this futuristic job, you will be part of a 3D printing engineering expert, leader, and chemist, coming up with recipes and new 3D printing techniques that match customer tastes or biological needs.



3. Social Media Lawyers.

Social Media Lawyers.

Currently, an estimated 5.8 million cybercrimes occur each year. The future job market will need even more lawyers specializing in Internet matters.

With cybercrime every 45 minutes, cyber law will become a booming industry, mixing the law with in-depth knowledge of social media policies.



4. Virtual Teacher.

Virtual Teacher

In the midst of the pandemic, we have already seen the rise of digital education. This has led to many questions regarding education, for example, whether students and teachers should always be physically present.

Teachers specializing in virtual classroom techniques may soon become commonplace. Using mixed reality and virtual reality, teachers can appear in the classroom anywhere in the world and can even teach thousands of students at once.



5. Data Detective.

Data Detective

Sherlock Holmes, but in 2025. As data becomes more and more valuable, it will become increasingly important for businesses to be able to interpret and protect their own data and, use it to answer major operational questions.

This role will require the development of programs capable of sorting large data sets and, generating answers to business questions.



6. Climate Change Specialist.

Climate Change Reversal Specialist

This potential new breed of engineer-scientists will play an essential role in meeting the challenges of global warming.

This future work will require climate change reversal specialists to use and, develop emerging technologies and innovative engineering techniques to protect and rebuild ecosystems around the world affected by climate change, such as tropical forests, ocean floors, coral reefs, and urban and rural areas.



7. Space Junk Recycler.

Space Junk Recycler

The current problem of space debris is an existential threat that, could have a dramatic impact on everything from our global communications to our space program.

In 2019, there would be more than 128 million pieces of debris less than 1 cm floating above our Earth.

Traveling at speeds of up to 17,500 mph, space debris is potentially very dangerous and, could damage spacecraft and satellites, and even endanger the lives of astronauts and future space tourists.

Space waste recyclers would help identify and track the orbital locations of this space waste and, develop cost-effective methods to remove it from orbit.



8. Drone Manager.

Drone Manager

Drones are fast becoming a popular and efficient way to deliver goods and packages to people around the world. The FAA predicts that 835,000 drones will reach US skies by 2023.

In addition to delivery, commercial drones will be used for research, pilot training, filming, building inspections, and a wide range of other activities.

Companies like Amazon and Google are working on launching drone projects for public use.

Someone will have to help get all these drones off the ground. In this sector, drone managers will be trained to organize, maintain, and lead drone fleets using AI-based logistics systems.



9. Gamification Marketing Specialist.

Gamification Marketing Specialist

Retail and e-commerce experiences will need to find new ways to attract customers to their store, retain them during their stay and, of course, get them to buy something.

Gamification could become a powerful tool in their arsenal. Gamification marketers will work hard to keep customers engaged and entertained by using thoughtful, data-driven interactive experiences based on detailed knowledge of customer psychology and, behavior.



10. Augmented Reality Developers.

Augmented Reality Developers

AR technology is already here. Nevertheless, the adoption of technology has been quite slow. But that could all change in the near future.

AR glasses from companies like Apple and, Facebook could breathe new life into augmented reality and, the development of mixed reality.

AR is already starting to show up in retail stores, on our phones, in games, and on our computers. AR is still in its early stages, but the next decade could see more AR tools and applications.

In this future role, augmented reality developers will create AR medical education experiences, remote classrooms, design and modeling apps, and of course, augmented gaming experiences.

What future job looks most exciting?