As much as I want to be Tony Stark and be able to fly in space in one of his Iron Man suits, it doesn’t happen. But if I start a Go Fund Me page and people decide to give me a lot of money, I’ll be a little closer to becoming a real superhero! How? ‘Or’ What? Well, you know what they say – “money is the best superpower”. If I had a few million dollars to spare, I would certainly buy big boy toys.

Well, it’s time to get started! These are 7 crazy gadgets that give you superpowers!



1.Bulletproof suit

Bulletproof suit

This ultra-light carbon nanotube costume will make you both elegant and (above all) bulletproof! In a real bulletproof costume. Yes, a real bulletproof suit.

Ok, after speaking to the founder of Aspetto, Abbas Haider, I must tell you that the suits are officially known as “bulletproof” because no material can yet be called 100% bulletproof.

Using nanotechnology, it is composed of the same carbon nanotubes designed for the uniforms of American troops in Iraq. However, the patented combination material is much thinner and more flexible; fifty percent lighter than Kevlar (the material commonly used in bulletproof equipment).



2. Seek Thermal XR Camera

Seek Thermal XR Camera

Being able to see in the dark and even if the walls have always been a problem for me personally. You bump into things, bump your toe, fall on a sleeping cat, and get your face scratched because you really wanted to go to the bathroom at night.

But what you didn’t know was that the bathroom was already occupied. More of this nonsense! With the Seek Thermal XR, you can transform your smartphone into an X-ray vision device that will allow you to see through doors, walls, trees, etc.



3. Pyro Mini Flamethrower.

Pyro Mini Flamethrower

Playing with fire is dangerous, but what if you had a safe way to control the flame and shoot real fireballs from your hand?

Enter the Pyro Fireshooter! This nifty mini flame thrower will allow you to launch four majestic fireballs from your wrist, although, just to be sure, have a bucket of water on standby.

How it works? The mini comes with two barrels filled with a special tissue paper, used in many magic pyrotechnics, which burns very quickly.

When the paper comes out of the lit barrels, it burns so quickly that all the naked eye really catches is the fireball.



4. X-Jets Jetblades.

X-Jets Jetblades

If you have experienced jetboard hydroflight and you are ready to take your flight to the next level, the Jetblade is for you! Advanced driving means starting to experience some of the tricks and maneuvers that require practice, experience, and properly tuned equipment to succeed.

Almost everyone flies in the first five minutes on a Jetblade, turning and balancing on your own. When you have the chance to spend time, the riders want to go to the next levels.

These $6,000 Jetblades will allow you to fly over lakes, rivers or even the ocean, as long as the pump is running. I mean, you’re essentially Iron Man if he used water to propel himself… I guess he would be Water Man then?



5. Kuratas Human-Ride Robot.

Kuratas Human-Ride Robot

Kuratas is a rideable and user-operated mecha built by the Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry.

Have you seen Pacific Rim? Well, Kuratas has nothing to do with it, really. It’s a 12-foot tall robot with a person inside, who controls every step. Unfortunately, it’s very slow, but at least you can put any number of weapons in it.

Kuratas has more than 30 hydraulic joints that allow it to freely move its arms, legs, and torso. It can fire water bottle rockets and fireworks, and its 6,000 round per minute cannons are controlled with the pilot’s smile.



6. Kangoo Jumps.

Kangoo Jumps

With Kangoo Jumps, you can jump like a… Kangaroo. Wow, that was easy to explain.

Rebound training, reduces body fat while taking care of the joints. It also works your hip muscles and abs, making them firmer.

In addition, the Kangoo Jumps are heavy, and really strengthen your muscles! … Finally, it is a training for the whole body, so it is perfect for your physical fitness and your endurance.

However, be aware that you will look like a total fool by wearing them. 😀



7. Power Body Armor.

Power Body Armor

Of all the cool gadgets on this list, I like this exoskeleton best, because it would allow me to become a real Hulk. Cyberdyne’s HAL suit is both offensive and defensive technology.

On the one hand, your strength increases and, on the other hand, you are protected against all kinds of physical damage.

Oh, and, here’s the best part – you’re basically using the costume with your thoughts! This would have been an instant purchase for me.