8 Great Technological Marvels That You Need To Own

Thanks to microchips and technological advancements, the amount of data we create doubles every 2 years. This is a trend that is also not going to end anytime soon.

Indeed, we expected to continue for at least the next decade. But the problem is, while there are many amazing new technologies out there, they are prohibitively expensive.

Not to mention the fact that there is no way to predict how useful these products will be in a few years, because new technology will make them obsolete or because no one will end up buying them.

While at the end of the day, we can never predict whether these technological marvels will become so popular or if they will simply collect dust in our closets, it’s still worth highlighting their incredible possibilities. With that in mind, we present to you a list of 8 futuristic products that you should check out.



1. Roku Streaming Stick.

Roku Streaming Stick

Once upon a time, people watched television on their televisions. But nowadays, most of us get our entertainment from movies and TV shows from our smartphones or PCs.

If we want to fully enjoy the NetFlix experience from your 60-inch flat-screen HDTVs, we usually need to connect our computer to our TV using an HDMI cord. Those days are over. With the Roku streaming stick, you can stream video content directly to our super silly TVs as long as you have a WiFi connection.



2. Playstation VR Reality Headset.

Playstation VR Virtual Reality Headset

The idea of a VR headset isn’t necessarily new, but until recently the whole VR experience was a bit lame. But Sony is changing all that. Their Playstation VR is compatible with the PS4, creating a fully immersive 360-degree experience, in which you feel like you are in the game.

The audio features are also quite amazing, making you feel like hearing sounds coming from different distances. Plus, you’d sort of look like those guys from Daft Punk. So another bonus.



3. DJI Spark Mini Drone.

DJI Spark Mini Drone

Photographic drones are common. One of its most interesting effects is giving you the ability to take photos and record videos from a bird’s perspective. If you are someone with money to spare and want the best drone, the DJI Spark mini drone is your ally.

The camera’s capabilities ensure smooth video recording. The price is $ 500, but the drone has the ability to avoid trees and other dangers and is able to land without any problems, so the chances of it turning into a mini suicide bomber and crushes in a building are minimal.



4. Fujifilm SQ10 Hybrid Instant Camera.

8 Great Technological Marvels That You Need To Own

In the 1980s, the Polaroid instant camera was all the rage. Of course, the quality of the movie wasn’t particularly good, but at least you have to spare yourself the trip to develop them.

Sadly, Polaroid shut down the camera in 2008 after declaring bankruptcy for the millionth time. But the idea continues with the Fujifilm Instax! The camera offers editing features that bring the concept of snapshots into the 21st century.



5. Sony A1E Series OLED TV.

Sony A1E Series OLED TV

Once upon a time, when you bought a TV, you had only one option – a box-shaped object that allowed you to watch shows in grainy black and white. Color televisions first appeared in the 60s, but even then there wasn’t much of a difference between the models.

Fast forward a few decades and now we have HDTVs with a variety of specifications to choose from. It has become downright complicated! But if you want the best of the best, Sony has the most sophisticated HDTVs yet with its A1E series.

It is extremely thin and offers a really high resolution and processing speed. The higher-end models will set you back $ 12,999, so you might want to win a few lottery scratch tickets first.



6. Sengled Element Class Smart Light Bulb.

Sengled Element Class Smart Light Bulb

In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb because of screw candles and gas lamps! But as a genius he was, Edison couldn’t have imagined that one day our light bulbs would all be smart.

But that’s exactly where the Sengled took us with its elementary-class smart bulb. If you want the light in your room to be 50% dimmer or if you want a light in a specific room to be turned off, you can just turn a knob or flip a switch.

But why do this when you can just direct your bulbs? They’ll obey your commands like you’re their overlord. Because you are.



7. Petcube bites Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser.

Petcube bites Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

Feeling guilty that your Samsung robot monster vacuum cleaner is scaring the dog? Or do you just want to hunt down Rex? The Petcube camera bites and the treat dispenser is the answer.

It comes with an HD camera so you can watch your dog while you are away and even throw treats at him! At a cost as little as $ 200, so it’s definitely worth the investment.



8. Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus Solar Panel.

Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus Solar Panel

Who among us wouldn’t like to escape the stress of the world and, spend a quiet weekend in the mountains?

Sure, but how are you supposed to upload all those ‘hanging from a dangerous cliff’ selfies on Instagram and engage in battles on Twitter when Mother Nature forgot to invent electrical outlets that grow on trees?

Luckily, the Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus solar panel has you back. For $ 250, you can charge up your gadgets go on!