About Us



About Us

Founded in 2018 Empower Gadgets is the collaborative brainchild of a small group of friends, born from a vision to bring the most innovative and revolutionary gadgets to our customers all from the comfort of their homes.

We have always loved unique and innovative products so dedicating the time and resources to develop the business and make it a reality has been a joy instead of a burden.

As we grow, expand, and nurture the business, we realize everyday how lucky we are to do something we love. We are privately-held and headquartered in Munich, Germany.



Our Mission

We aim to enrich lives across the globe both aesthetically and functionally, making it easy for people to have access to out of the ordinary items that are hard to find. Like you, our items are far from boring and ordinary.

We constantly strive to bring you the best products the world has to offer at the Best Price. We offer an extensive, carefully selected choice of leading gadgets, toys, electronics, outdoor gear, and promotional products.

Though our focus is on great prices, we never compromise on quality and pride ourselves on offering FREE Worldwide Shipping.



Our Approach

We work directly with several global manufacturers, so there is no middle man in the process, this way we can offer our merchandise at great prices.

Because of the great relationship that Empower Gadgets has with the suppliers, the majority of the products are shipped directly from the manufacturer so that we can pass on the huge savings to the customer that you wouldn’t normally get when buying from someone else.

We take your satisfaction seriously. We provide a professional, dedicated service for every single customer regardless of order size.



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Empower your daily life with the latest gadgets that technology has to offer!