How Nikola Tesla's Visions of Our World Came to Be Reality

Serbo-American engineer, inventor, and futurist Nikola Tesla is one of the most revered figures in engineering.

Tesla developed the alternating current which is the basis of electricity in our homes and buildings. He was also a pioneer in the field of radio communication, building on the work of Guglielmo Marconi. 

As well as being a prolific inventor, Nikola was a futurist. A lot of his predictions about future technology more or less describe the world today, which is impressive considering Tesla was born in the mid-1800s.

He imagined seismic machines, cameras capable of photographing thoughts, wireless energy, machines capable of creating artificial tidal waves, and electrically powered supersonic airships.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of Nikola Tesla’s predictions that came true and the impact of technology on our today world.



Telsa imagined a world with smartphones, the internet, and wireless.

Telsa imagined a world with smartphones, the internet, and wireless communication.

Nikola Tesla correctly predicted the birth of the Internet, smartphones, and wireless communications.

Tesla played a role in the development of the radio, television, AC electricity, fluorescent lighting, lighting in the neon, radio-controlled devices, robotics, x-rays, radar, microwaves, and dozens of other awesome inventions.

The passage below was written in 1904 and most striking is its precise and largely correct description of a modern smartphone as being a cheap and simple device, small enough to carry in your pocket.

Each of them will be of preferably located near some important center of civilization, and the news it receives through any channel will be flashed to all points of the globe.

A cheap and simple device, which could be carried in its pocket, can then be installed somewhere on the sea or on the land and will record world news or special messages that may be intended for it.



Nikola Telsa’s robots.

Nikola Telsa's robots.

Most people at that time didn’t even realize that radio waves existed, so they couldn’t figure out how Tesla could control the movements of the boat and, the little lights with his radio transmission box.

Many people who saw Tesla’s RC boat decried it as magical, while others saw it as some kind of precursor to the impending AI killer robots that Elon Musk is currently warning of.

Right now, scientists working in the labs of American universities are trying to create what has been described as a “thinking machine”.

Nikola Telsa's robots.

Tesla stated:

I actually built “robots”. In the 21st century, the robot will take the place of slave labor in ancient civilization.

There is no reason why most of this should not come to pass in less than a century, freeing humanity to pursue its higher aspirations.



Flying machines would take to the skies in the future.

Flying machines would take to the skies in the future. 

A type of flying machine that was “devoid of wings, propellers, ailerons, and airbags”, and relied on positive motion by electrostatic and magnetic fields, was another of Nikola Tesla’s predictions.

He thought they would get someone in Europe to the United States in just a few hours. He believed that it was possible to power airplanes with wireless energy and that this would then lead to the dissolution of national borders.

He went further by describing the dissolution of borders bringing world peace and harmony. I think Nikola Tesla would be a little disappointed to learn that planes still use fuel and have yet to bring world peace.

Tesla has also immersed himself in the world of flight and antigravity. In fact, his last patent in 1928 was for an electro propulsive flying machine that looked like both a helicopter and an airplane.

Before he died, Tesla is said to have designed blueprints for the engine of a spaceship.



Free energy for all and end the of monopolies.

Free energy for all and end the of monopolies.

Nikola Tesla believed the world was on the verge of an energy bending revelation. He believed that the energy companies that had a monopoly on controlling and, pricing energy would end.

He realized that energy is all around us and all we need to do is harness the energy that nature provides for free.

Tesla predicted what the coming democratization and decentralization of energy and power might be. We are seeing glimmers of this with the decentralization of the Internet and the disruption of power structures in digital news, entertainment, technology, and information.

Tesla Motor’s Powerwall home battery system is also another indicator that the future of energy could be more decentralized.

The electrician scientists who have tried for years to master the mystery of the electric earth currents with which the ground beneath your feet is filled, are on the verge of success.

This means that if Nikola Tesla succeeds in harnessing the electric currents of the earth and putting them to the service of man, there will be an end to the oppressive and extorted monopolies in steam, telephone, telegraph, and other commercial uses. of electricity, and that the greedy millionaires who for two decades.

We hope to see more futuristic ideas from this visionary come to life in the near future.