These 8 New Technologies Look Like Total Witchcraft

We live in a world that already looks a bit like a sci-fi movie with robotic priests, drones flying everywhere, cyber wars, and the internet that gets faster and faster as we speak, connecting the whole world.

Not to mention all the technological advances in space, the mission to bring humans to Mars, and bizarre discoveries in quantum physics.

But even while living in this world full of incredible discoveries, there are still some that are exceptionally mind-blowing and seem to be something you can only see in a book or movie labeled “magical.”

Here are 9 new technologies that look like total witchcraft.



1. Self-healing car.

Self-healing car

It seems that machines are getting smarter as we speak, moving into the future when they are able to fully replicate themselves, leading to many dystopian scenarios.

Well, until that happens, we have the incredible Terzo Millenio, a spectacular car created by Lamborghini that can already detect cracks in his body, smell them with nanotubes and heal in no time.

The goal is to create cars that will be able to detect minor and major problems and solve them right away while driving – from swelling your tires to replacing the battery to more profound changes in the car.



2. Meat from labs.

Meat from labs

Despite the increased interest in veganism and other meatless lifestyles, the majority of humanity likes to eat meat and will likely need 70% more by 2050, according to research.

Raising animals for food has proven to be a danger to the environment, so scientists are proposing new ways to synthesize meat that looks and tastes the same. Real meat grown in bioreactors and millions of innocent lives saved each year – is that cool?



3. Holosonics.


The Holosonics company name sounds pretty threatening and for a reason! It has developed the scary Audio Spotlight System – a special technology that can produce sound in narrow beams, which are then sent directly into your ear using tiny speakers and ultrasonic frequencies.

Soon, you will pass a store and a voice “in your head” will begin to whisper elements related to advertising that you can not deactivate. It will be a world without any privacy.



4. DNA hacking.

DNA hacking

DNA engineering would seem like witchcraft to people even 10 years ago, not to mention earlier periods! Instead of fighting the consequences, science is trying to get to the root of the problem and remove the very thing that created it in the first place – a specific gene!

Geneticists have recently invented a synthetic chromosome that can replicate endlessly. Once inserted into the cell of your DNA, it will gradually change its structure, depending on its programming.



5. MakerBot Replicator 2.

MakerBot Replicator 2

3D printing has been around for a while now, but it is only now that it is advanced enough to be used by military organizations and terrorist groups.

We have reached the point where you can print almost anything, from airplane parts to toys and real weapons.

Machines like MakerBot Replicator 2 are already being used for scams – a man printed the entire front of an ATM terminal and scammed about $ 400,000 from people’s ATM cards!



6. Self-driving car.

Self-driving car

Oh, driverless cars are both fascinating and incredibly scary because trusting a machine, as intelligent as it is, just seems like a crazy thing to do. However, Google is developing its own autonomous car, promising total traffic control, and a super safe environment.

It is hard to believe now that it will be possible because there will always be people on the roads and it is the human factor that will be really difficult to predict or analyze in time.

Still, the concept is cool and we will see more than a few autonomous cars on the roads soon enough!



7. Gut probe pill.

Gut probe pill

Medical technology, like everything else, is getting more precise and smaller. No more painful and invasive endoscopes – soon Guillermo Tearney will finish his project and checking your stomach will become as easy as swallowing a pill. It is true!

Packed with microscopes and a power source, this pill will not only see everything a doctor wants to see, but it can also take tissue samples!



8. Evolving robots.

Evolving robots

Robots are already becoming a little self-aware by learning to manage the physical world. Industrial robots are always clumsy and inflexible, but new robots can pick up components on assembly lines with incredible precision.

One project is Dactyl, where a robot has learned to flip a toy building block on its fingers. The practice is called reinforcement learning, using neural network software to teach robots in simulated environments before entering the real world.



9. Custom Cancer Vaccines.

9. Custom Cancer Vaccines.

The idea here is magical: encourage the body’s natural defenses to destroy only cancer cells, by identifying specific mutations to each tumor. It’s revolutionary, and new research could make us beat the big C.

Scientists are about to commercialize the very first personalized cancer vaccine, which would be used to boost a person’s immune system and effectively stop mutated cells, destroying tumors.